Sunday, September 8, 2013

Woolsey Airport

As I was heading to the lighthouse, I passed by an airfield.  But it wasn't the airfield that caught my eyes, it was one of the buildings.
 The building that caught my eye had the look of a stylized airport terminal.  I've enough of an aviation geek to to recognize a terminal.

Well it turns out that this is the site of Woolsey Airport.  The airport was built to accomodate people travelling from Chicago to this area.  The airport itself was named after Clinton Woolsey who was a native of nearby Northport.  He was a pilot in the Army Air Corps.

In the 1920's, Clinton Woolsey was an up and coming pilot in the Army Air Corps.  He was killed in a plane crash during a good will flight to South America.  It is said that he could have parachuted to safety but instead tried to ride his plane down because his copilot was on the wing trying to get the wheels down.

This particular terminal was built in 1934 as a memorial to Woolsey.
 The airport has two runways.  An east-west one which is 3,663 feet long and a north-south one which is 2,670 feet long (I'm not sure which is pictured here as my bearing were off).
 A couple planes waiting near the hangar.
One more shot of the terminal building.  It's amazing the things that I run across in pursuit of this blog.

A more detailed story about Woolsey here.

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