Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wandering Around Eastern Michigan University

I decided to go for a walk over to Eastern Michigan's campus tonight as it was a pretty nice night and I haven't been there in a while.
 First I stopped at the Peninsular Paper Company because I liked the way the light was hitting the area.  I especially liked the way the light was hitting the trees and the reflection on the water.
 So I shifted the camera over a little bit to get some of the other trees.  It looks like the colors are starting to come in.
 A shot of Pray-Harrold with the light hitting it just right.
 A shot of the statue in front of the Rec/IM.  It is a swimmer diving in the water.
 Sherzer Hall.  Sadly, the light was starting to wane on me.
 A shot of Sherzer from the front.
 And then I wandered over to Starkweather Hall.
 No tour of EMU would be complete without a stop at the Water Tower.
 Part of Cross Street.
 I kind of wish this would have turned out a little better.  I think the trees may be a little too dark, but I still kind of like the picture.
And a shot looking up at the Clock Tower at Pierce Hall.

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