Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gott Boat?

So my next ship was the Edwin H. Gott.  I just missed her at Sherman Park, so I headed back to the Locks because I wanted one picture of a ship in the Locks.
 I made it just in time to see her as she enters the Poe Lock.  This was taken from my spot on the fence.  I think this presents the best view at the Locks.
 The giant vessel slowly works her way into the lock.  It's amazing that there are ships this big on the Lakes and it's even more amazing that the Locks can handle them.
 It was still raining, but I think that made for a cooler picture with the little puddles on the sidewalk.
 Slowly she works her way into the Lock.
 And I get an almost full shot of her in the lock.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 Not sure what this is.
 A pulled out shot of her pilothouse.
 Then I headed back to the car, to get one more shot of her.
 And it was back to the park near the Hydro Plant.  The clouds made for a nice background.
 She passes by slowly.
 The almost straight on shot.
And the straight on shot.
And one more before moving on.

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