Friday, January 31, 2014

Ann Arbor by Night

It was actually in the upper 20's, low 30's today and I've been wanting to do some night photography for a while.  After a bit of a nap, I decided to head over to Ann Arbor to do some night photography.  It was actually kind of cool since I really haven't wandered around Ann Arbor in a long time.
 I decided to start with the Michigan Theater because I liked the look of the sigh all lit up.  Had I realized they were turning the State Theater sign off when they did, I would have started there.   I kind of liked the way this turned out.
 Roughly a block away from the Michigan is an alleyway with a bunch of graffitti.  I guess it's Ann Arbor's way of competing with Detroit.
 Some of it is pretty cool.
 Across the street from this is what used to be called the Nectarine Ballroom.  It is now just known as the Necto (I guess kids these days can't handle more than two syllables).
 Another shot of the grafitti alley.
 Another shot of the Michigan Theater.
 Looking up at the sign.
 Probably my favorite angle of the Michigan Theater sign.
 One more shot of the Michigan Theater.
 Then I went over to Nickel's Arcade.  I kind of like the looks of the long hallway with the lights going down.
 I went a little further down the arcade.
 One of the nice things about Nickel's Arcade is that some of the stores have some pretty nice window displays.  This was one of them.
 I liked this one a little better.
 Then I wandered over to Hill Auditorium.  I think there was a concert there because it was all lit up.
 Looking down towards the Grad Library.
 I couldn't pass up some night time shots of the Burton Memorial Tower.  I think it looks pretty cool all lit up.
 The straight on shot of it except I think part of it looks washed out, but that is one of the problems with night photography.  I still need to learn some stuff.
 This was probably my favorite angle.
 I couldn't pass up a picture of Rackham Hall.

 Then I went to the other side of the Diag to get other pictures.  I think this is a pretty cool view too.
 The West Engineering Arch.  This is one of many Albert Kahn buildings on campus.
 A closeup of the arch.
 This is Pinball Pete's which is an actual arcade.  They even have a few games from the golden age of arcade games.  Or least in my opinion it was the golden age.
 The Clements Memorial Library.  This also is a Kahn Building.
 They finally finished renovating the Law Quad.  I'll have to head over here again to get pictures of the gargoyles on the inside.
 The Michigan Union also looks pretty cool all lit up.
 It started to snow as I started to finish my pictures, but I couldn't pass up a shot of State Street.
One more shot of Nickels Arcade.  Sadly, there were some vehicles in the way but I still think it is a pretty nice building.

Actually, I can't wait for the weather to get a little nicer so that I can do some more night photography.  I would really like to get some night shots from Downtown Detroit but I will wait for the snow to melt a little more to do that.   I hope you enjoyed this series.

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