Monday, January 13, 2014

The South Haven Lighthouse in Winter

My next stop was the South Haven Lighthouse.  It has been a while since I've been there, so it was kind of cool to see it.  Usually when I'm on that end of the state, I stop at Grand Haven and then go down to St. Joseph or vice versa.
 The first lighthouse at this point was built in 1872.  It was a wooden tower structure.
 The current pierhead is a shortened version of the Muskegeon Light and was built in 1903 but not in the current spot.  In 1911, they moved the lighthouse 425 feet to its current location.  In 2010, it was turned over to the city but is still an active aid to navigation.
 Looking out at the channel marker on the other side.  I was thinking of walking out here to get a better picture of the lighthouse but as you can see, it was pure ice.  But also as you can see, that did not deter other people.
 You can see a little bit of ice on the front of the tower.  I think it is considerably less than earlier in the week.
 I went to the other side of the river because I was thinking of wandering to the tower.  But that nice shiny sheet of ice was a deterrent.
 I still have a pretty decent here goes.
 Trying to get a little of the water in the picture.
 I love the lighthouses with the catwalk.
 Maybe I should have tried to brave this...nah.
 One more shot looking down the length.  I kind of liked the reflection of the tower in the ice though.
 Here I was trying to get the full length of the catwalk.

One more shot.

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