Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Ever Lovely Kaye E. Barker

It's not often that you get so many ships in so little time around here.  Usually if you see four or five in a day, it's a good day.  This time, I got to see five ships within an hour and a half or so.  The third in the convoy was the Kaye E. Barker.
 She is another classic laker.  This time, I got a little more ice in the picture.
 The birds must have landed before the Barker appeared, because here they are flying away again.
 She has a pretty nice head shot as well.
 And of course the shot as she passes under the Blue Water Bridge.
 A three quarters shot of her.  You can see a couple of her crew members on deck.  Although it was still fairly warm yesterday, I feel for them.
 She passes under the Blue Water Bridge.
 And then she makes her turn to stay in the channel.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 One more for good measure.
 Some of her crew members cleaning off her deck.
 A shot of her stack.
 The Stars and Stripes flying proudly in the breeze.
 And slowly she works her way down the river.
She would be the last ship that I would be able to catch at Belle Isle.  And this will likely be the last ship picture I take for the shipping season.  I will say that it's been fun since I was able to catch ships in the ice for the beginning of the season and some at the end.

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