Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs. the Akron Zips

There was an Eastern Michigan basketball game tonight.  I got home a little later than I hoped which meant that I got to the game late.  At the time I got settled in, Akron was already ahead 10 to nothing.  By halftime, Akron had a 20 point lead and Eastern looked pretty lethargic.  Maybe back to back wins against state rivals took something out of them.  Who knows.  But enough about about some pictures?
 Jalen Rose driving for the basket.  It seemed like Akron had Eastern's number tonight.  Eastern couldn't get anything going offensively and when they finally did make it to the basket, they were getting stuffed.
 Normally steady Mike Talley trying to get past an Akron defender.
 Karrington Ward dunking.  At least there were some highlights on the green and white side of the ball.
 And the ever present Swoop.
 Glenn Bryant jumping over the defenders.
 Karrington Ward taking a shot.
 Karrington Ward getting mugged on the way to the basket.
 Mike Talley trying to figure out a seam.
 This pretty much summed up the night.
 Glenn Bryant staring down the Akron player trying to inbound the ball.
Darrel Combs trying to get to the basket....

Eastern did manage to erase half of their deficit to only lose by 10 points.  They seemed a bit off tonight.  Hopefully, this was one of those games they had to get out of their system and it will be smoothe sailing the rest of the way.

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