Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs. Western Michigan

So I went to the Eastern Michigan Basketball game tonight.  They were playing cross state rival Western Michigan.  Before the game Eastern was 1-1 in the MAC after a two game road trip.  Western was 2-0.  This was a game that Eastern needed to win.

These are the pictures that I really liked from the game.  For others go here.
 Mike Talley directing traffic at the top of the key.
 Daylen Harrison running away with the ball.  He is rapidly becoming one of my favorite players.  He's not a particularly flashy player but he gets the job done.
 Trying to get away wih the ball.
 Talley directing traffic again.
 Riley dunking.
 Another tangle on the floor.
 Darrel Combs trying to block a shot.
 Karrington Ward at the free throw line.
 Congratulations after a hard fought win.

The final score.  EMU had a pretty considerable lead at halftime.  Nearly wasted it way and then clamped down to blow out WMU.  I think if they can sustain this, things in the MAC look pretty good.

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