Friday, January 10, 2014

Wasting Time in the Motor City

I was up at our Troy office today, so I stopped in Detroit on the way home today.
 I kind of liked the way the fog was looking off in the distance, so I decided to head down Woodward for part of the way.  I would have liked this shot better if the lights were on.
 As I was getting closer to downtown, I was liking the view better.  I kind of wish I knew what the building sort of in the middle is called.
 So I ended up by Campus Martius, which meant I had to take a picture of Sailors and Soldiers Monument.
 Looking up at the Penobscot Building.  This is a building I may have to spend a little more time getting more pictures.
 Looking up at the Buhl Building.
 The front entrance of the Buhl Building.  This is another building that I will have to spend more time with.
 The People Mover going past the back of the 150 Jefferson Building.
 Looking at the Comerica Tower.
 A partially fog shrouded Renaissance Center.
 Looking at the One Woodward buidling.  I didn't realize the cool lighting patterns in parts of the floors.
 And of course, the Spirit of Detroit statue.
 Looking at the One Woodward building from a different angle.  I kind of like the patterns with the windows.
 The full Spirit of Detroit.
 Looking up at one of my favorite buildings, the Guardian Building.
 The Vinton Building is another Albert Kahn building.
 Another angle of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.
 This is one of the new Detroit Police Cars.  I'm not sure who donated them though.
One of the buildings on Michigan Avenue.

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