Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowed In

I'm not quite sure how much snow we got yesterday but we got quite a bit.  I was going to go to work today but I saw that hadn't plowed out the parking lot at my apartment yet.  So I decided to stay home today.  But of course, I needed to post some pictures of this.  Well as many as I felt like staying outside for.
 I kind of like the icicles but I might have to go out a little later when I can catch them in the right light.
 Same with these.  Maybe if the sun decides to peak out, they might look a little cooler.
 A little bush just outside the door.
Just to kind of give you an idea of how much snow we got.  When I checked last night, it was about 8", but somehow I think we got more than that.  As I look out the window, it is blowing.

Seems like a nice day to sit inside drinking coffee.

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