Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Stop at the Hollyhock

In between catching my ship at Belle Isle and catching her on the Rouge River, I was hoping that I would catch her as she was passing Milliken State Park.  However, I think I misjudged the timing and I completely missed her.  As I scanned the area, I noticed that the Hollyhock was docked in front of the Renaissance Center, so  I decided to head over to get some pictures of her.
 I see her quite often at Port Huron but this looked like an opportunity to see her up close and personal.
 This gave me an opportunity to get some different angles.
 I wish it wasn't snowing as hard as it was though.  Kind of interfered with my pictures.
 A look up at her bridge.  If I remember correctly, her navigation is tied into GPS and she can place buoys fairly accurately.
 From another angle.
 I liked the way the flag was flying in the wind, although I wasn't too happy with the wind itself.  It made for a cold afternoon taking pictures.
 Looking up at the Renaissance Center.
 A shot of her stern.
 The Lake Guardian which belongs to the EPA was docked nearby as well.  I didn't feel like getting close to her.
 Another rear shot of the Hollyhock.
 Looking up at her boat.
 Another angle of her bridge.
 A couple buoys laying on her deck.
 A shot of the Coast Guard logo on her bow.
And one more shot of her before moving on to the Rouge River.

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