Tuesday, April 19, 2016

And a Little Planewatching

I decided to end the day with some planewatching at Metro Airport.
 I ended up heading over to the cell phone lot to the south.  There were actually a few people there.
 A Canadian Regional Jet passes under the moon.  I was hoping for a shot past the moon but I didn't have the right angle.
 I believe this is an Airbus 319.
 This is a McDonnell-Douglas MD-88 owned by Delta Airlines.  When I took this picture it was off Madison, Wisconsin.  It then returned to Detroit and flew to LaGuardia.  From there it flew to Atlanta and back to Detroit.  Currently it is flying to Pittsburgh.
 An Airbus 320 owned by American Airlines.  This plane was flying to Phoenix.  From there it went to Seattle and then Mexico and so on.  Currently it is flying from Phoenix to Milwaukee.
 Another regional jet.
 This is an MD-90 and it has seen as much travel as the MD-88.
 And we end with an Airbus 330 owned by Virgin Atlantic. 
 It was on its way to London.
And I leave you with the Virgin Atlantic plane leaving.

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