Friday, April 29, 2016

View of Cleveland from Wendy Park

Since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to get some shots of the Whiskey Island Coast Guard Station.
 I love the view of the Cleveland Skyline from this park.
 The train bridge.  The train was passing through as I was approaching the park, so I didn't get any pictures of it.
 this was as far as I could get.  Apparently, they are working on the station.  If the article I found is correct, this should be done by the end of the summer. It would be nice to see it in better shape.  I just hope it's more to renovate it rather than convert it something private.
 Another view of the skyline.
 A view of the skyline with the rail bridge.  I kind of like this view.
Another angle of the station from another part of the park.  They definitely need to work on it.
I believe this is the Cleveland West Pier Lighthouse.
And the East Pier Lighthouse.  Sadly, I didn't feel like taking too many more pictures but I was happy with the ones  I got.

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minicooper said...

Interesting buildings!