Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Evening Planewatching

After work, I decided to head over to Romulus to do a little planewatching.  As I said before, I found a little nook on Wick Road where I could watch the planes.  It's not a bad spot and it's under one of the runways and close enough to another to get decent shots.
 First up is a bird that I wasn't expecting to catch.  Sadly, he was a distance  away so I had to blow up the picture a bit.  I knew he was carrying something but I have no idea what it is.  However, I have been wanting a shot of an eagle carrying food for a while.
 A Southwest 737 on approach.
 Another angle of that plane.
 An Airbus 319 owned by American Airlines.  To the right is a plane approaching the other runway. 
 Another angle of that plane.
 Some variant of the DC-9.
 The side shot of that.
 An Airbus 320 owned by Delta Airlines.  As I was taking this picture, she was arriving from Indianapolis.  As I am writing this post, she is on her way to Salt Lake City.  I often wonder how many miles an aircraft will fly in a year.
 I think this is a Canadian Regional Jet.
 I think this is an Airbus A330.  It's not often that I see aircraft owned by Virgin Atlantic.  Virgin Atlantic is a British Airline that was founded by Richard Branson.  It started in 1984 with a route from Gatwick Airport and Newark International using a 747 named Maiden Voyageur.  Eventually more routes were added.  There was a pretty nasty fight with British Airways.  The airline is currently in financial trouble.
 Another Southwest 737 coming in for a landing.  Actually, that is kind of redundant since all Southwest planes are 737s.
 A Delta Airlines 737 coming in for a landing.
After a handful of planes, I decided to head home.

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