Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Return of the Cherry Blossoms to Belle Isle

So yesterday  I decided to go boatwatching but before heading up to the St. Clair River, a friend of mine had pictures of the cherry blossoms on Belle Isle on her Facebook page.  That meant a detour to Belle Isle first.
 Last week, there were a few of the smaller trees with blossoms, so I figured that the rest would be coming soon.  I didn't think it would be this soon but it looks like they were coming out at about the same time last year based on my entries from last year.
 There is something nice about cherry blossoms.  Given the time of the year they come out, I would make them more of a harbinger of spring than the return of the robin.  Especially since I think they need a few warm days before they will even bloom.
 Since I didn't get to see the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C., I was waiting for these.
 Maybe I need to wait but it didn't seem like there was the variety of colors of last year.
 But some appear to be still waiting to bloom.  Maybe I will head back on Saturday.
 But I guess there were a few pinks in the mix.
 Another group of flowers.
 Since the blossoms are in the area of the Scott Fountain, I decided to take a few pictures of it.
 I'm kind of hoping that they will turn the fountain on again soon.
 It's still a pretty nice looking fountain without the water running though.
 Just getting some of the details.
 And trying for some reflections.  I will have to admit, it does look better.

 Probably one of my favorite sculptures.
 A shot of one of the lions.
 I kind of wanted to try and get the skyline in the background but the angles aren't quite right.
 Another shot of the fountain.
 I would have liked this shot alot more without the barrel but they are trying to get Belle Isle ready for the Grand Prix.
 And I really like this shot.  Mainly because it not one that you would associate with the Detroit.
 Another shot of the skyline through the blossoms.
 Another attempt at a shot of the fountain through the trees.   Sadly, they are starting to put the barricades up for the Grand Prix.  In a couple of weeks, this part of the island will be inaccessible.
 Back to the blossoms.
 I kind of like this group of four.
 Another grouping.
 This time I was able to get a picture of the fountain I was happier with but there still quite a bit in the picture I don't want.
One more shot of the fountain.

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minicooper said...

Love the fountain - looking forward to it with water!