Sunday, April 17, 2016

And Then There Was the Vancouverborg

Suprisingly, the next ship I caught up is one that hasn't appeared on this blog before.
 The Vancouverborg is owned by the Wagenborg Company out of Delfzul, Netherlands.  She is also actually registered there.
 She was built in 2001 and can carry 9,857 tons of cargo.
 Evidently, she's been on the lakes a few times.
 A shot of her as she passes Marine City.
 I caught up with her again in St. Clair (more on that later).
 As I was about to leave, I saw that the pilot boat was waiting patiently.   Then I realized that she would be transferring a pilot.
 So I caught up to the Vancouverborg one more time.
 Perfect headshot.
 Her company flag and the US flag as a courtesy.
 One of her crew members looking on.
 I believe this is used as a work boat.
 A lifeboat.
And one more shot of her.

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