Friday, April 8, 2016

Planewatching Again

So I decided to head over to Metro Airport for some planewatching tonight. 
 First I started at the spot on Wick Road.  It wasn't too bad except I think they are doing work on the runway that would cause planes to fly almost over me.  The first plane I saw was an American Airlines DC-9 variant.
 I think this is a 737.
 Then I decided to head over to the cell phone lot that is on Eureka.  It wasn't too bad of a spot.  It didn't take too long for this 737 to appear.
 I was able to follow it a little longer.
 This Canadian Regional Jet flew right over me.
 I think this is another DC-9 Variant.
 I think this is a 737.
 This is an Airbus A330 that is owned by Virgin Atlantic.  Per FlightAware, she is on her way to London.
An MD-90 owned by Delta.

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