Wednesday, April 13, 2016

An Ann Arbor Railroad Engine in Ann Arbor

As I was heading out of the office today, I heard the faint sound of a diesel horn.  I thought I heard it to the south, so I was expecting a train to appear at some point.  I went down the road where I pass the Ann Arbor Railroad "yard" in Pittsfield Township.  As I looked down the track, I saw that it was just south of Textile Road, so I headed back.
 It turns out that the train was stopped just south of Textile Road and that the crew were looking around it.  I'm not sure what they were looking for but I'm glad they stopped because I might have missed it otherwise.
 I don't get to see the Ann Arbor Railroad trains as often as I would like.  Since this one was stopped and wasn't going to move, I decided for an angle that I don't normally get.  Now, I was in the crosswalk for this shot, so I wasn't trespassing.  If I saw the lights go on or heard the horn, I would have moved.  I don't think I would win an argument with a train.
 Now, I do hear these trains at least once a day but it is usually when I am in the office.  So I don't usually get to get pictures.
 Since I was stopped, I decided to go for some unusual angles.
 I kind of like this one.  I like this number scheme, it looks old school.
 And I was happy to see the "leet" engine.
 One of the crew checking the trains.
 The lights turned on.  A sound of the horn and the train was off.
 I'm not sure about this scheme.
 See track...think train.
 Or something like that.
 Almost a picture I was looking for for a while.
 Hauling grain past a type of grain.
 I decided to head up to Ann Arbor to catch it there.  I know that the Ann Arbor Railroad will pass through on occasion but I never had a chance to catch it. 
 It was cool to see a train in a place where I don't normally see them.  The city makes for a nice backdrop.
 Ann Arbor makes a pretty good backdrop.
 And it almost passes by.
One more shot and it's off.  I think this is a fairly regular run but it usually passes when I can't catch it.

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