Saturday, April 30, 2016


After the airport, I decided to head down to Deshler for a little bit of trainwatching.  It wasn't quite as nice as planewatching because it started to rain about halfway down.  Unfortunately, rain does not make for a pleasant time watching trains.
 I think I saw this train waiting by the Intermodal yard as I passed it.  Right after arriving at Deshler, I heard it on the radio and it sounded like they were looking for something on the track.  Shortly, they received clearance from the dispatcher.
 About a half hour later, it appeared.
 And it passed fairly quickly.
 As I was looking down the track, I saw a green light which indicated that a train would be heading east soon.  Sure enough, there it was.  This particular BNSF engine was hauling some autoracks.
 And then there was another intermodal engine.
 It was still pretty cool.
I didn't stay too long because as I looked at AIS, I saw that there was a ship that would be passing through Toledo.

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