Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Night Wolverine

So I decided to get some pictures of the Wolverine on the way home tonight.  I thought I was going to get pictures of it passing over the bridge.
 I've probably noticed this before but it is the symbol for the New York Central Lines.  At some point, they owned this track.
The Michigan Central Railroad was founded in 1846 when they wanted to establish a rail line between Detroit and St. Joseph, MI.  In 1867, the railroad was taken over by the New York Central.
 Currently the line is owned by the Michigan Department of Transportation but I've seen it used by trains of other railroads.  Mostly it is used by Amtrak but I am hoping that it will be used by the Michigan Commuter Rail some day.
 This wasn't quite the picture I was looking for but I was a bit off, I think.
 I do like this picture though.
 I don't mind this shot much either.
And some of the graffiti, although not at a great angle.

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