Sunday, April 10, 2016

More Planewatching

After the game, I decided to go planewatching at Metro Airport again.  I started at the cell phone lot but I discovered that it's not very good when planes are landing from the south.  So I headed over to the spot on Wick Road.  Of course as I got there, the planes shifted takeoff and landing directions.  That wasn't much of a problem as the spot on Wick is pretty decent for catching landing planes.
 I started off with this Airbus 319 landing from Mexico City.  Looking at the tracking on Flight Aware, this plane goes through quite alot.
 Currently, she is waiting at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport and will head to Charleston, WV.
 I'm not sure where this Boeing 737 was heading from but I'm sure it sees alot of flight time too.
 An MD-90 belonging to Delta Airlines.  She was heading from Minneapolis to Detroit.  From there, she flew to LaGuardia Airport in New York.  Then she was on to Hartsfield in Atlanta.  Again, another pretty busy aircraft.
 I kind of wish I had stayed in the cell phone lot, because it would have been cool to see this plane fly overhead.  It is a Delta 747 and I presume it is on its way to Japan.
This is a Canadian Regional Jet 200.  I believe this is the business jet version of it.  This one was flying in from Kentucky.

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