Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Calumet Passes Milliken State Park

So the ship in question was the Calumet.
 As I've said before, I like the looks of this particular class of ships.  With their pilothouse and sleek shape, they remind me of a warship of some sort.  I could somehow imagine a set of 5" guns on the deck somewhere.
 It was alot nicer today than it was yesterday, but it was still a little chilly on the river.  Especially when the wind was blowing.
 This particular journey started for the Calumet when she loaded what I would presume to be limestone in Calcite which is near Rogers City, Michigan.
 She will take that to Cleveland, Ohio.  I think the total journey is under 24 hours.
 As I said, she's a pretty cool looking boat.
 The clouds looked pretty cool too.
 I'm not a huge fan of taking pictures from Milliken.  There aren't too many places where there is a clear background.  However, it's not too bad in the scheme of things.
 She passes the Windsor Casino.
And she continues on her way down the Detroit River.

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