Sunday, April 17, 2016

And the Main Attraction

So this is the ship that made me decide to head up to Port Huron in the first place.  I had a chance to catch the Sykes as she entered Grand Haven or this one.  I opted for this one.
 After getting stuck in the ice after leaving Ashtabula (or Conneaut I forget which) last season, she made the trek to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin where she spent last season in layup.
 I think they did quite a bit of work on her (although they didn't repaint her).  I am hoping that means she will be around for a lot longer.  I'm pretty sure the main indicator of that is whether or not she gets new engines.
 it was nice to see her again though.  She is a pretty boat.
 And she leaves Marine City.
 It's pretty cool when you can catch three ships in one picture.
 I caught up with her again in St. Clair.
 This time, she was overtaking the Vancouverborg but it was fun to pretend that it was a race.
 I'm not sure if this is because it looked like the Vancouverborg was stopping in Port Huron or the Anderson was faster.
 It was pretty cool to see though, especially since the Anderson was kicking up a squawk.
 She starts to overtake the salty.
 And then she passes her.
 And then starts to make the move for the other side.
 A shot of her stern as she continues up the river.
 Then I caught her in Marysville.  Since I didn't get to see her at all last year, I wanted to get as many pictures as possible.
 A shot of her bow.  I think she needs a little paint but doesn't look quite as bad as other ships.
 And then I headed up to Port Huron to catch her there.
 She starts to make her turn for the channel.
 A headshot.
 Probably one of my favorite angles.
 Framed by the bridge.
 Another bow shot.
 A stern shot.
And one more shot as she heads into Lake Huron.

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