Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Brief Stop at Little Sable Point Lighthouse

So I decided to head over to western side of the coast because I found out that the Wilfred Sykes would be calling on Grand Haven later.  Prior to stopping in Grand Haven, I decided to head up to Silver Lake State Park to get some pictures of Little Sable Point Lighthouse.
 I've visited this lighthouse before.  In fact, it was one of the last lighthouses on the western coast of Michigan that I've seen in person.  It is a pretty neat looking lighthouse though.
Construction on the Little Sable Point Lighthouse began in 1872 after Congress appropriated $35,000 in order to build her.  In April 1873, the first construction crew arrived in order to begin building a dock so that the materials for its construction could be delivered.
 The tower is equipped with a third order Fresnel lens that was built in France.  The lighthouse itself was designed by Orland Poe (a name that appears regularly on this blog).  The light was first activated in 1874.
 The tower stands at 100 feet tall.
 Fairly typical vegetation for the western Michigan dunes.
 In 1926, the unused portions of the land around the lighthouse were sold to the State of Michigan.  This became the basis for the Silver Lake State Park.
 In 1954, the lighthouse was automated and in 1958, the keeper's quarters was torn down.
 In 2005, the lighthouse was transferred to the current group that owns it.
Again, it's a pretty nice looking lighthouse.

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