Sunday, July 24, 2016

Catching the Biscayne Bay

I got to Grand Haven and could not believe how busy it was.  I thought that I was going to park at the State Park but that lot looked pretty full.  Also, I saw that the ship I was interested in catching was making her turns to enter the channel.  I ended up finding a parking spot at a place that I don't normally shoot from.
 As I got out of car, I could see that there was a Coast Guard Cutter docked at the Coast Guard station.
 She is the Biscayne Bay which is one of the 140 foot Bay Class Cutters.   She is named after Biscayne Bay which is near Miami, Florida.   She was the fourth in the class and built by the Tacoma Boatbuilding Company in Tacoma, Washington.
 After her construction, she sailed to her home port of St. Ignace, MI where she has been stationed ever since.
 Like the other ships in this class, she is used as a tug, icebreaker and with a special barge, she can become a buoy tender.
 Next to the Coast Guard Station, there is a park.  I will do more on that in a bit.
One more shot of her.

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