Thursday, July 28, 2016

No Planes, Just a Train

I was thinking about heading over to the airport again tonight but I got a pretty late start.  It looked like the sun was coming down quickly, so I passed on going to the airport.  I did remember that there was a Wolverine that would arrive in Ann Arbor at 8:30, so I decided to wait for it in Depot Town.
I got to Depot Town at just about the right time because it wasn't too long before the train appeared.  I'm not sure what was going in Depot Town because it was pretty busy tonight.
A couple of my pictures didn't turn out but it has been a while since I've taken pictures of the Wolverine.  There are some differences between taking train pictures and taking plane pictures.  The train seems to move faster even though it isn't.
This is probably my favorite of the bunch.  It kind of shows off the massiveness of the train.
And it didn't take too long for the train to pass by.  I think it was going at about  60 miles per hour.  I'm not sure when Amtrak stopped using the rear engine but I've seen a few trains like this.

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