Monday, July 11, 2016

A Brief Visit to Brighton

My mom did a plein air painting contest in Brighton on Saturday.  After she framed and matted her painting, she needed to drop it off yesterday.   So we headed over there in order to enter her painting in the contest.

Plein air is French for open air and it involves painting in the outdoors and seems to have gotten some degree of popularity recently.  This year and last year, she was in a contest in the Saginaw Bay area.  I think she's entered a couple of others.  She got a prize in at least one of them.
 While I was there, I figured that I might as well take some pictures.  Brighton is about 20 miles north of Ann Arbor if you head on US-23.  It was established in 1832 and became a city in 1928.
 Currently a little over 7000 people live there.  I believe at one time it was at the intersection of a pair of railroads.  One of them being the Ann Arbor Railroad.  I think the current iteration of the Ann Arbor Railroad passes through town.  I'm also pretty sure it may be serviced by CSX.  At some point in the future, there is supposed to be a commuter rail from Ann Arbor that will visit.
 The main east-west thoroughfare is Grand River (I covered that in the past).
 And of course, there is a Main Street.
 An old hardware store.
 The sign is pretty cool.
 I kind of liked the reflections.

 A building across the street.  It pretty much follows the classic Midwestern town template.
Old City Hall.  This is where the picture was dropped off.

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