Friday, July 15, 2016

Bus Ride to Troy

So we had our company picnic/gathering up at the Troy office today.  The company was kind enough to provide a bus ride up there.  This gave me the opportunity for some pictures.
They improved this overpass just before Detroit hosted the Super Bowl.  Just because these structures are Honolulu Blue and the things in the middle kind of look like footballs, I'm sure these had nothing to do with the Super Bowl itself.
Although it doesn't seem like these serve any other purpose than decoration.
The Giant Tire.  You know you're near Detroit when you see this.  There also used to be a sign that tracked US Auto Production but whatever company owned that took it down.
I call this the "Stalingrad" factory.
A bad ass mural.
Ford World Headquarters.
One of the DC-9 descendants.
A 737 flies out of Metro.

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