Monday, July 4, 2016

The Stuff you See

Just a post of stuff that I see while boatwatching.
 The Livingstone Lighthouse.
 A sailboat passing by Belle Isle.
 Another shot of that sailboat.
 I waited at the Dix Avenue Bridge for my next subject.
 The Ste Claire will probably be waiting here for a while.
 I kind of liked the reflection of the bridge tender's building in the water.  I think they were trying to cool the span.
 Another shot of the Ste Clair.
 I think this is a painted turtle, but it seemed large.  Or it may be a map turtle.
 Another one.
 the pair of them sunning on the plank.
 The flag off the Ste Clair.
 And her stack.
 Her name.
 Another shot of the turtle.
A shot of a switcher engine at the steel mill.

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