Saturday, July 16, 2016

No Tall Ships...Just Tall Planes

I was going to go up to the Tall Ship Festival in Bay City today.  That is until I heard that the lines yesterday were pretty long.  I figured that if the lines were long on what amounted to a week day, I could only imagine what the lines on a Saturday would be like.  So as heard my alarm go off, I decided to turn it off and roll back over to sleep.

I did however see that the planes were landing from the south at Metro, so I figured that would provide a good opportunity to catch the 747's coming in.  So off to Metro I went.
 So first up was an Embrear ERJ-175 operated by Republic Airlines for United Express.  This particular aircraft was flying in from Newark.  It would turn around and return to Newark.
 And then there was a Delta Airbus 330 flying in from Paris.  As I type this post, she's on her way to Rome.
 This CRJ-700 came from Myrtle Beach.  Then it went over to Reagan International Airport in Washington DC.  From DC, she went to JFK Airport in New York City.  Currently, she is on the ground in Chicago.
 And this plane was coming from Dulles International Airport.  After spending at hour at Metro, it returned to Dulles.
 This Boeing 767 was arriving from Munich.
 This Southwest 737 was on its way to Dallas.
 And this Southwest 737 in older livery was on its way to Atlanta.
 The plane I was waiting for was the 747 though.  I'm not sure if this was the one arriving from China or Japan though.  I wish I would have arrived a little earlier because I would have seen the other 747 landing on the runway I have a better view of.
 Oh well, I suppose this was a decent view.  The tail on a 747 is 63 feet tall.  I think that makes it taller than a 5 story building.
 And this Delta Airbus was coming in from Beantown.
 This 737-900 was coming in from Fort Lauderdale.  After landing, it was off to Cancun.  It's pretty amazing to think of the places that planes go.
 An MD-90 coming in from Baltimore.  After a brief stop in Detroit, it will head off to LaGuardia Airport.
 And this plane was coming in from O'Hare.  After a couple of hours, it was off to Baltimore.  It went there and is now back in Detroit.  Tomorrow morning, it will be off to Bangor, Maine.
 an MD-90 coming in from Fort Myers, Florida.
 Seems like lots of flights coming in from Florida, as this was coming from Orlando.
 Nice view of the Detroit skyline.
 This plane arrived from Seattle.
 The plane taxing to the gate.
And this 737-900 (ER) was coming in from Atlanta.

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