Saturday, July 2, 2016

Return to Hidden Lake Gardens

I decided to go to Hidden Lake Gardens today.  It has been almost four years since I went there and I think when I went there I probably wanted to get back at some point.  And since it's been this long, it's nice to see what I've learned over the years.
 I'm not sure what many of these flowers are, so for the most part, I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking.

 Some lily pads.  As I was driving through, I found a couple of pictures.

 I kind of like this shot.
 They have roads that allow you to explore the area pretty well.  I may have to come back to check some of the trails.
 I'm assuming this is the Hidden Lake.
 And the water lily.
 I had to take a few pictures of it, because it was so nice.

 A snapping turtle.
 The turtle made me decide to get my bigger lens.  That allowed me to get some closer shots.

 I'll have to say that I'm pretty happy with them.

 A beetle.
 A closeup of the beetle.
 Some pine cones.
 The Conservatory itself.

 And of course, there were some cacti.

 I kind of like these.
 They had a pretty nice selection of Bonsai trees.

 I think this is a lotus flower.
 At any rate, it looks pretty nice.

And one more before leaving.

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