Monday, July 4, 2016

Missing the Whale

I finished with the Tregurtha at about 12:15, so I figured I had a chance to catch the Delta Flight to Tokyo.  I'm not sure how much longer they will use the 747 but I suspect I wont be seeing them soon.
 First up, a Regional Jet.  I couldn't see the tail number, so I'm not sure where this was off to.
 This American Airlines Airbus 319 was arriving from Charlotte, North Carolina.  After spending an hour in Romulus, it was back to Charlotte.  It spent another hour in Charlotte and then headed to Pittsburgh.   From Pittsburgh, it flew to Phoenix.  In the morning, it will be off to Austin, Texas.
 The Lufthansa Airbus A340 arriving from Frankfurt, Germany.  After spending a little more than an hour on the ground, it will return to Germany.
 The A340 isn't quite as a nice as a 747 but it will do.
 I like the s shape in this picture.
 The headshot.
 So you have the Lufthansa flight in the front and a Delta flight coming in for a landing.  Both are Airbuses.
 Delta Flight 99 Heavy from Charles De Gaulle Airport landing.
 Another pair of Airbuses.   The plane in the back arrived from Amsterdam.  The plane in the front is preparing to take off for Madison, WI.
 A Southwest 737 off to somewhere.
 The Delta A330 from Amsterdam.
 And the A319 heading to Madison.
 A Delta 767 after landing.  As I type, this plane is headed to Munich as Delta Flight 22.
 The Virgin Atlantic Flight arriving from London.  I heard somewhere that this flight may be ending in the near future.  I hope not because I like seeing this plane.
 The S curve.
 One more shot of that plane.
A Southwest 737 after coming in for a landing.

The Delta Flight to Tokyo was delayed and I didn't get good pictures of the 747 coming in from Tokyo.  So no whales today.

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