Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Galleon Andalucia

As I was looking at AIS and looking at the sky, I saw that my sunlight was fading fast.  I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to catch her at Belle Isle and then it dawned on me that I could probably catch her at Del Ray.  So I headed over to Del Ray.  It turned out that I missed her by like five minutes, so I headed to the little spot on the other side of the Ambassador Bridge.
 I almost missed her there.  The light wasn't great, so I had to bump up the film speed on my camera but I managed to catch her.  The Spanish galleon was the terror of the seas for a little while until other countries figured out that they were slow and hard to maneuver.  They were used to haul the riches of the New World back to Spain and for that reason they were targets for pirates.
 The Andalucia is a replica of the Spanish galleons and her current home port is St. Augustine, Florida.  She is 170 feet long.  I can't find out anything else about her.
I used to play a game called Sid Meir's Pirates.  It was a pretty fun game where you took the role of a pirate and you got to build a fleet.  You had to manage your fleet and your crews.  If you didn't take care of them well enough, they would mutiny.  It was always nice to run into the Treasure Fleet because these slow ships were turned to mincemeat by more more maneuverable ships.  If I recall, the ships themselves brought a pretty decent price as a prize ship.

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