Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Un Avion Francais et Quelques Autres

I took three years of French in High School but I haven't used it much since then so I'm a bit rusty.  Thank God for Google.
 Delta 2128 Heavy cleared for landing on 21L.
 Flight 2128 was a Boeing 757 that arrived from Orlando, Florida.  Fun fact, both Disneys are in Orange County.
 A CRJ 200 taking off for Evansville, IN.
 This Airbus 320 was heading for Duluth.  After landing at Duluth, it continued on to Minneapolis.
 I can't make out the tail number on this on, so I'm not sure of the flight number or flight information.
 This Airbus 319 was heading to Windsor Locks, CT when I took this picture.  At one time, Windsor Locks was home to the Dexter Corporation which was the oldest corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  It was formed in 1767 as the C.H. Dexter and Sons Company as a grist and saw mill.  It grew into a company that made long fiber papers and chemical laminates.  In 2000, it was faced with a hostile takeover, so it was split into three companies to prevent that.  Windsor Locks was also home to a lock at one time.  Anyway, back to the aircraft, it then flew back to Detroit and as I type this is on its way to Nashville, TN.
 I can't make out the tail number on this 747 but I'm guessing that it is headed to somewhere in Asia.
 This aircraft is operated by Air Wisconsin under the US Airways Express livery.  I don't have the FlightAware information about this flight though.
 Delta 132 Heavy taking off for Amsterdam.  In the morning it will return to Detroit and repeat the process.  This particular aircraft is an Airbus A330.
 At the time I took this picture, this Boeing 717 was on its way to the Cherry Capital International Airport in Traverse City, MI.  After spending 40 minutes on the ground there, it would turn around and return to Detroit. 
 this plane would then fly down to San Antonio and will return to Detroit in the morning.
 This Air France Airbus A340 arrived from Paris, France.  Paris of course is home to the Eiffel Tower.
 I was not expecting to see this plane coming in, so this was pretty cool.

 As I write this post, this plane is on its way back to Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris.
 I can't make out the tail number for this Spirit aircraft.  I'm pretty sure it's an Airbus A319.
This Airbus A319 was landing from LaGuardia Airport in New York City.  The land for LaGuardia was originally used as the Gala Amusement Park which was owned by the Steinway family (of the piano fame).  In 1929, the park was razed and converted to a flying field named after Glenn H. Curtiss.  Later it was named North Beach Airport.
The effort to develop it into a commercial was started by Fiorello LaGuardia after a TWA flight to Newark Airport but his ticket was stamped as New York.   He demanded that his plane be flown to Bennett Field which was actually within New York.  He urged the city to support an airport within its limits.
American Airlines began with a trial service to that same Bennett Field but Newark worked out better because of its proximity to Manhattan.  Expansion of the North Beach Airport began in 1937.  Part of it had to be built on a metal reinforcing framework to be the required size.  On October 15, 1939, it was dedicated as the New York Municipal Airport and officially opened for business on December 2 of that year.  Of course there were detractors.  The airport received it's current name in 1947.
Sometimes it is referred to as USS LaGuardia because of the short runways and the fact that it is surrounded by water.  In July of last year, a plan was announced for reconstruction of the airport.

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