Monday, July 18, 2016

Pre-Art Fair Days in Ann Arbor

So I went down to the Townie Party in Ann Arbor tonight.  Apparently it's an event they have prior to the Art Fair and I've never been to it before.  But then again, I try to avoid Ann Arbor when it gets near Art Fair Week but my mom had to be at something.  After dropping her off, I decided to get dinner and go for a walk.
 I ended up parking near South University.  I like the neon signs at Pinball Pete's.
 I ended up going to a sushi restaurant for dinner.  I don't remember what used to be here but it is two doors south of the Chinese Restaurant with Chef Jan.
 The sushi was pretty tasty and love the way it is presented.
 The front of the restaurant.  I would actually recommend it.
Then I basically wandered to my favorite places in the city.  The West Engineering Building.  I love these spires.  I will have to say that Albert Kahn did a good job.
The Graduate Library.  Apparently there was some sort of protest in front of it.  It was broken up as I was passing through the arch.
 The Burton Memorial Tower.  The light was hitting it just about right.
 Rackham Hall.  This would be up there on my list of nice buildings of Michigan's campus.
 Probably my favorite view of the Burton Memorial Tower.
 Like I said, it was Townie Fair (or something like that).  There were tents from various local art groups to say what they are all about.  It was kind of nice.
 Looking down the hallway at Nickels Arcade.  I'm wondering if I should have shot this in black and white.
 The sun was almost hitting the State Theater sign just about right.  I wonder if Captain Fantastic is about Elton John?
Looking up at the Michigan Theater sign.
I kind of like this one because you get the neon and the reflection of the windows.
There were quite a few street musicians out and about tonight.
 Another view of the State Theater.
 Another street musician.
 There was a band at the Townie Fair.  They were playing mostly folk stuff.
 the Burton Memorial Tower.
After all of these years of trying to avoid him, I couldn't avoid him tonight.  Although the suit almost looked like someone played the Noid at one time and pulled it out for tonight.
 the Block M in the Diag.  By the way, this is also a Pokestop, if you play that game.
My favorite building on Michigan's campus is the Law Quad.
I think this used to be the University President's house.  I'm pretty sure it is still used for events though.
And I end the evening with a picture of Clements Library.  I believe that Albert Kahn said that this was his favorite building on Michigan's campus.  I think they just finished restoring it.  It looks pretty nice.  One of these days, I will have to go inside.

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