Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Brief Bit of Planewatching

Before going boatwatching, I decided to stop at Metro Airport for a brief bit of planewatching.  I figured that I would try to catch a 757.
 I decided to go to one of the places where I started planewatching.  The view from there isn't quite as good as the view from the parking structure but it's not bad.  The first plane was an Airbus 320 that was heading down to Cancun.
 It wasn't long before I caught the 757 I was looking for.  Sadly, it was coming right at me.  I don't mind this angle but I prefer the side shots more.
 The fog made for a more interesting shot, I think.
 As I was heading out, I saw that a 747 was coming in for a landing, so I decided to try out another spot I've been meaning to try.  I think I'm going to have to stop here again.  This particular 747 was arriving from Inchon, South Korea.
And I ended with a United Airbus A319 from Chicago.

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