Friday, September 2, 2016

The Arthur M. Anderson on a Nice Day

As I checked AIS last night, I saw that Arthur Anderson was making her way down Lake Huron.  I estimated that she would be passing Belle Isle around noon.
 I was going to catch her at the Rocky Beach, but I saw that there was a ship heading upbound, so I decided to go to the middle of the island.
 It's not a bad spot for boatwatching, but I prefer the Rocky Beach for downbound vessels.
 I'm not sure where she is heading as her destination on AIS says Stoneport but that is where she was yesterday.  Based on where she is right now, I'm going to guess she is heading to Conneaut with a load of stone.  But I suppose she could be heading to Ashtabula or Huron.
Anyway, it's always nice to catch the Anderson.

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