Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eastern Michigan Versus Wyoming Football

So I went to the Eastern Michigan football game last night.  It was tense both on and around the field.  I'll get to the around the field tensions in my next post.  The game itself was pretty hard fought and too close throughout.  As usual, I'm only posting one picture from the game itself.  The rest will be on Hustle Belt.
 Because of the other issues surrounding the game, the band didn't play the Star Spangled Banner.  Instead they had a recording and it kind of threw my rhythm off.   As a result, I didn't get any pictures of the eagle flying onto the field.
 Well almost.
 The band did come on the field to do their normal pre-game show.  It was pretty cool.
 I do like to watch the band.
 The halftime show was pretty cool.  They played some pieces from the Incredibles and did a pretty good job with it.

 They looked pretty good in their formations too.
 I tried to get a few closeups.
 And I couple better ones.

 I shifted to the other side of the band.  I don't normally get pictures of this section.

 But the horns sounded good.  Like I said, they did a really good job with the halftime show.
 As for my one picture from the game, here it is.  I love the way it turned out.
And a shot of the student section.

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