Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Trains Passes By

One of the things I like about one of the spots that I catch boats from in Port Huron is that occasionally there is a train that passes by. 
 It is normally calling on Dunn Paper Plant that is right next door to the park.  Dunn Paper is headquartered in Port Huron, MI and makes specialty papers for many different purposes.  I don't have much other information about them.  I think this is a daily run.
 I kind of liked the fact that whoever did this graffiti incorporated the design with the wheels of the car.
 A shot of the engine.
 It pulls into the plant.  I think they normally drop a couple cars off and then pick up new cars.
 It pulls back out to shift tracks.
 I love the angle that I get sometimes.  There aren't too many other places where you can get an angle like this.
 The clouds were pretty ominous most of the day.
 A shot with the tour boat.
 Another piece of grafitti that I liked.
 A shot of the engine as it goes back to where it came from.

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