Friday, September 2, 2016

Eastern Michigan Vs Mississippi Valley State Football

Fall is in the air and that can only mean one thing.  Football is back.  Well at least college football is back.  With all of the issues of the NFL, I am starting to enjoy college football more anyway.   And once again, I'm back to my old digs except with Hustle Belt as the Eagle Totem closed shop at the end of the basketball season last year.  If you want to see actual game photos, you will have to go Hustle Belt (I don't have a link yet as they do things a little differently there).
 After taking a few shots during the practice, it is always nice to see the band come out of the tunnel for the first time.  That means football is around the corner.
 The ROTC brings the colors out for the National Anthem.
 Another shot of them.
 The EMU student section was out in full force today.
 This was one of my favorite shots from the game.  Running Back Ian Eriksen runs for the endzone.
 One of two Eastern Michigan police dogs.
 I kind of liked this shot of the Eastern Michigan dance team.
 Part of the band during halftime.
The football team celebrating it's 61-14 win over Mississippi Valley State.

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