Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Cleveland Air Show - 2016

So I finally made it to the Air Show.  I missed a couple of acts because I got there a little later than I had planned but the Anderson was worth it, I think.  Plus we were going to a place where we could catch it for free (mostly), so it didn't really matter.  I got to see what I wanted for the most part.
 As I was arriving, the F-22 was doing it's demonstration.  Since the skies were clear, I think it was doing a little more than what I saw at the Willow Run Air Show.
 It was still pretty neat to watch.
 Then they set up for a Heritage Flight with the F-35.
 It was then joined by the F-22.  This was pretty cool to see.  Hopefully, they will work the kinks out of the F-35 and it will be as revered as the P-51.
 This was probably my favorite shot of that.  I didn't have too much time to set up though.
 The P-51 Mustang coming in for a landing.
 This is the Fokker C-31A that the Golden Knights fly.  This is derived from the Fokker F27 passenger aircraft.  It was designed to be a followup to the DC-3 and first flew in 1933.  The Fokker company is a Dutch aircraft company.  It is kind of a neat looking aircraft.
 While waiting for the Golden Knights, a stunt pilot put his plane through its paces.
 Kind of a neat maneuver.

 The plane passed right by as.
 I think he was coming in for a landing.
 The Golden Knights came down next.  It might have been too windy for them to do some of their stunts but they were still pretty impressive.
 They were using this helicopter to get pictures of the crowd.
 But the main attraction for the day was the Blue Angels.  I didn't get to see them at all this year and I wanted to go see them. 
 The planes looked nice against the clear sky.
 One of the tighter turns.
 The ever present diamond.
 Sadly, it was too smoky at points.  The planes in landing configuration.
Setting up for one of the passes.
 The inverted diamond.
 I was hoping to get pictures with one of the more distinctive buildings in Cleveland.  But this will work, I guess.
 In the line abreast formation.

 They break up.
 Another pass.
 Another tight turn.
 The planes peeling off and then going back into formation.

 A straight climb in formation.
 We were set up perfectly to catch the planes as they landed.

 I could get a decent tight shot.
And my last picture.

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