Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Wolverine Sort of Day

I was thinking about going down to Fostoria today but wasn't feeling particularly motivated.  I did want to catch pictures of trains, so  I decided to head down to Depot Town to catch both the east and west bound mid-day Woverines.
 As I've said in previous posts, they are doing quite a bit of work on the Amtrak line.  I would like to think they are gearing up to add the commuter trains but I think they are more or less upgrading it so that the train can go 120 mph to Detroit.  Anyway, since I don't often get to post pictures of Maintenance of Way equipment, here goes.
 I believe this is the dynamic track stabilizer that I posted before.  This particular vehicle is basically used to shift some of the ballast so the track is more level.
 I think this machine may be a tie remover.  If I remember correctly, it will kick a tie out and then replace it.  A vast improvement over the old days.
 Just a regular crane.
 This particular vehicle is carrying extra ballast.

 Another angle of the ballast vehicle.
 First I caught the Wolverine that was heading westbound.  It starts in Pontiac and then heads south to Detroit.  After Detroit, it heads west towards Chicago.
 The train as it comes closer.
 After getting some groceries, I then caught the eastbound Wolverine.
 This one starts in Chicago and then heads towards Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, Detroit and then Pontiac.  there are a few other stops between those.
 A closeup of that one.  I kind of liked the lighting for this shot.
And the train heads off to Dearborn.

Anyway, a Wolverine day is when I don't really feel like doing much but I still want some pictures of something.

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