Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Return to the Heidelberg Project

After the Airport, I decided to head over to the Heidelberg Project.
 It has been a while since I've been to the Heidelberg Project.  In that time, there have been a few fires which have destroyed a few buildings there.  Also, I heard that the artist was looking to transform it into something else.  This prompted me to go down there.
 The Numbers house is still there.

A project like this makes a person think about the nature of art.  There are many people who would consider this a pile of junk.  When I first heard about this, I probably fell into that category.  As I started to look around, I got to think about it a bit.  Most of the stuff is arranged in a way to evoke either symbolism or thought.  Both things are part of the purpose of art.  This place certainly makes you think.
 When I first visited, I wasn't really looking for the symbolism of the art.  This time, I tried to take it all in.
 This looked pretty creepy.
 This house was pretty cool.
 This bumper sticker is on the artist's truck.
 This house was sort of burned down the last time I visited.  Now it is completely burned down.
 Even newspapers are falling into urban decay. 
 I'm pretty sure there is some symbolism here too.
 This car was kind of cool.
 There is a way that the visitors can be a part of the art.
This made me think of the memorials that are given to fallen soldiers.  Usually there is a gun between the boots.
 A boat full of stuffed animals.
 This reminds me of the pictures of shoes that you see in the holocaust pictures.
 The visitor's center.
 For some reason, these reminded me of President Obama.

 A view of the street.

 This is another of the houses that was burnt down.
 For some reason this reminded me of a screaming person.

 This house was kind of cool.
One more shot.

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