Thursday, September 1, 2016

Catching Up With the Callaway

As I was getting ready to leave work tonight, I looked at AIS and saw that the Cason J. Callaway was making her way down the Lakes.  I was hoping to catch her in Port Huron but it looked like I would have to catch her in St. Clair.
 It was a good thing I wasn't delayed too much on my up because the Callaway had just appeared around the bend as I was parking in St. Clair.  That kind of forced me to take pictures from a different spot than I normally do.  But I think that was okay, the angles worked out better.
 I decided to pull the camera back a bit for this shot.  I kind of liked the sky tonight.
 But I can't pass on the bigger shots.
 And I definitely can't pass on the bow shots.  I think the bow shots are closer here but I will have to check in order to verify that.
 The sun was trying to peek through the trees a bit.  I was thinking of catching her further down river, but my light was leaving.
 The almost beam shot.  I think I like the profile of these ships the best.  They have some neat lines.
 I believe she is on her way to the Rouge River with stone from Calcite, but don't quote me on that.
I was also trying a shot with some leading lines in it.  This was probably the best advantage of the spot I was shooting from.

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