Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Durand Union Station

I decided to head up to Durand on Sunday.  I was actually thinking of heading down to Fostoria but I like the setting at Durand a little better even though there isn't nearly the same amount of traffic.
 The train station has a little museum dedicated to the railroads in Michigan.  A good chunk of it is dedicated to the Grand Trunk Railroad but that is what passed through Durand the most.
 It's kind of nice that they still use the grand station for Amtrak here.  I kind of wish it were that way in Ann Arbor.
 The clock still ticks.
 A schedule from the Detroit and Milwaukee.
 An old typewriter and adding machine that was used in one of the railroad offices.
 A bell from one of the steam engines.
 Looking to the south.
 Not too bad of a view of the station itself.
A reflection of the train in one of the windows.

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