Sunday, September 18, 2016

The American Spirit Docks at Zug Island

So one of the ships I was trying to catch was the American Spirit.  I was kind of slow to get moving yesterday and I was hoping to catch her at Riverside Park first.  I didn't, so I headed right to Del Ray.
 As I arrived at Del Ray, the American Spirit was already starting to make her turn towards the dock.  Normally, ships will dock facing the current.  Or so it seems.
 It's kind of amazing to watch a 1000 foot cover the width of the River.  It's even more amazing to see how nimble they seem.
 She starts to line up with the dock a little more.
 As I was watching the American Spirit, the Lee A. Tregurtha decided to make an appearance.  She was delivering steel to the AK Steel Plant in Dearborn.
 Both ships go their separate ways.
 She easily slips towards the dock.

And she eases into the dock.  If I had waited a little longer, her boom would have come out and she would have started to unload.

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