Saturday, September 24, 2016

Catching Up With the Paul R. Tregurtha

For as often she pays a visit to the St. Clair Power Plant, it's hard to believe it's been a few months since I've caught the Paul R. Tregurtha.  It seems like she is either passing on a week day or in the evening.  I saw that I had a chance to catch her today, so I decided to head up to Port Huron and Marysville to catch her.
 It took me a little bit to get started today, so I almost missed her at Port Huron.  I was also hoping to catch the Honorable James L. Oberstar, but she was already in Lake Huron by the time I arrived.  Oh well.
 At 105 feet wide, she's pretty big.  It's amazing to think that she carries 68,000 tons of coal.  It's even more amazing to think that only lasts a few days.  But that's fine because it means more ships.
 She passes the Blue Water Bridge.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 She continues down the St. Clair River.
 I decided to stop over at Marysville to catch her again.  I was thinking about going down to St. Clair as well, but I was still a little tired from the game last night.
 She passes the subject of our next post.
And she continues on her way to the St. Clair Power Plant.  I'm not sure if she's doing a split load with Monroe.  Either way, I wont be able to catch her on the return trip.

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