Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Catching the Alpena

The next ship is another ship that was heading to Cleveland on Sunday.  Again, it was too hot to go chase after her.
 I had plenty of time to catch her because she was trailing the Mississagi but not by much.  Here she is framed by the Ambassador Bridge.  Apparently the owner of the Bridge is trying one more time to kill the new bridge.  I hope he doesn't succeed because we need a new bridge.
 The unfortunate part of early hot days is that there is a bunch of heat distortion.  This was the first picture of the bunch that I liked.  I still had to do some work on it.
 As it stands, the Alpena is the oldest self powered freighter on the lakes.  Given the longevity of ships on the lakes, it seems like she'll be around for a while.
 Her contemporaries are starting to disappear.  Currently, the American Victory is under tow to her demise.  I have a feeling the American Valor is not far away.  The Algoway and the Algorail are either at the scrappers or on their way to the scrappers.  The fate of the Arthur Anderson is in question.
 It's a good thing she's still around, although I have a feeling she will be getting a new engine soon.  She is one of a handful of steamers left.
 If she gets a new engine, then I know she's going to be around for a while.
 It would be a shame to see her as a barge.
 As you can see by the smoke, the windy was pretty hard.
 If I would have gotten a train in here,I could have had a trifecta of sorts.
And she continues on her way to her namesake city.

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