Sunday, June 17, 2018

Friday Amongst the Mad Dogs

So I decided to head to the airport Friday night.  I was hoping to catch the Royal Jordanian 787 taking off.  That didn't happen but  I did manage to catch some other things.
 I was able to catch the Fed Ex MD-11 as I was getting home.  It was a pretty clear day and my lens was sort of up to the task  except that I had to blow it up a little bit.
 So I went to the cell phone lot and I caught this Boeing 717, I think.
 This is a Spirit A320.
 A Delta ERJ heading off to Louisville.
 I think this is a Delta A320 but I'm not sure where it's heading.
 A Delta 737 off to Tampa.
 An A319 heading to Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C.
 A Southwest 737 heading off to somewhere.
 So I decided to head over to watch some planes come in.  I was hoping to catch a 757 from Minneapolis.  I was able to watch it fly over the car as I got there.  But I manage to catch this MD-90.  This where the "Mad Dog" part of the title comes from.  Many people call these Mad Dogs because of the MD initials.  This particular Mad Dog was coming from Windsor Locks, CT.
A 737 arriving from Boston.
 This plane was pretty neat to watch come in.  It looked like it was in line to landing on 22L and then it swerved over to land on 22R.  I'm not sure why since I didn't have my radio with me.
 An MD-90 arriving from Milwaukee.
 An ERJ-175 arriving from LaGuardia.
 An A319 from O'Hare Airport in Chicago.
 This is an A321 belonging to Spirit Airlines.
 I used two pictures because I like this one.  This particular plane was arriving from Orlando.
 I thought this was pretty neat to see to.  Sun Country is not an airline I normally see at Detroit Metro.
 I saw this particular plane a couple days ago and it is returning from Gulf Port, LA.  I found out that Sun Country offers some charter flights.  This must have been one of them.
 A ERJ, but I couldn't make out the tail number.
 The Boeing 717 is an honorary Mad Dog.  It is basically the same plane back to the DC-9.  This one was arriving from Dallas.
 Another arriving from New Orleans.
 I liked the beacon shot on this one.  But I didn't catch where it was from.
 A 737 arriving from Las Vegas.
 Another 717.  This one was arriving from Charlotte.
 I couldn't make out the tail number on this one either.
 And I stuck around to catch the 757 coming in from Los Angeles.
I like the 757.

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