Sunday, June 24, 2018

The John G. Munson Makes Another Appearance

And this was the ship I was hoping to catch.
 I think she was on her way down from Calcite or Stoneport with a load of stone.  That is usually what she carries.  I think it is a little under 20 hours to travel from Stoneport to Detroit.
 At any rate, I think she was heading to Detroit.
 As I said in an earlier post, I thought that AIS said the Clarke.  Or maybe, I saw Munson and thought Clarke.  Either, it's a ship I don't mind catching.
 An almost head shot.
 She makes her turn towards part of the channel.  There is spot where you can see them lining up for the channel entrance.
 She's framed by the Blue Water Bridge.
 Another shot.
 I kind of liked the reflections in the water.
 A beam shot of her.
And she continues on her way.  If she was heading to Detroit, in five hours from this shot she'd be at her destination.

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